The Kindergarten

The Kindergarten is a mission outreach of Kowloon International Baptist Church. We believe the teaching of Christian principles is an essential element of healthy child development and is therefore a basic part of the curriculum.
Type of School

Kowloon Baptist Church Kindergarten is an English Speaking Kindergarten, all children welcome. The Kindergarten is a two year kindergarten with K1 & K2 classes. A child entering kindergarten (K1) must be 3 on or before 31 December. Similarly, a child entering K2 must be 4 on or before 31 December.

Kowloon Baptist Church Kindergarten is an independent non-profit,fully registered school, governed by a Board of Directors from the Kowloon International Baptist Church. Although we maintain informal contact with some ESF schools, there is no official connection between KBCK and any ESF or other English speaking primary school. We would like to give all children the golden opportunity to enhance their English learning in a fun loving Christian international environment.